Access rights / Security

User management: MyCorpTV comes with an easily-configured authentication system. Access is granted to specific users and user groups, as well as authors of presentations.


Different levels of access:


Contributors can view some or all presentations online. They have access to all collaborative functions, and can also create and publish content online.


An administrator manages the MyCorpTV platform, decides what content to put online, and determines the access rights of each individual.


Managers can choose to screen shared content to ensure that all information is accurate and relevant. In this case, content proposed by contributors would be checked before being published.

Data security

The data shared on MyCorpTV are totally secured. MyCorpTV, created in partnership with the leader of the Cloud Computing "Salesforce" has successfully passed the “Security review” imposed by the latter. So, you will benefit from the expertise, professionalism and experience of Salesforce for hosting and protecting your data.