Collaborative features

Thanks to its partnership with Chatter, SalesForce’s social network, MyCorpTV users benefit from several collaborative functions similar to those offered by much larger social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Employee profiles

Employees create network profiles with their contact information, experiences and abilities, allowing them to get to know the people they work with and easily locate individuals with different skills within the company.

Status updates

Employees let their colleagues know what they’re up to, or ask questions to quickly obtain the information they need.


Employees create public or private business groups to exchange information, video presentations or documents on a specific topic.


Employees collaborate on projects by sharing documents (Word, PDF, PPT, etc.) on MyCorpTV. Coworkers will be able to look at, comment on and even edit these documents.

Creating and sharing  video presentations

Creating and sharing video presentations

Employees create their own interactive video presentations and share them with their colleagues, who in turn can comment on these presentations.



MyCorpTV has a useful and easy-to-use search engine so employees quickly locate information they need.

Desktop and mobile applications

Desktop and mobile applications

MyCorpTV is accessible via your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, enabling you to stay productive and informed even while travelling.


MyCorpTV provides you with updates regarding the individuals and groups within your business.


MyCorpTV allows you to access everything you need for work from one single site, as well as participate in business conversations with your colleagues.