Combine the interactivity of Chatter with the effectiveness of video presentations!

mycorptv + chatter
  • Automatically create interactive video presentations with your webcam or camera and the MyCorpTV Maker solution.
  • Share your video presentations on Chatter as easily as a PDF or Word document. Provide direct access to relevant information with the outline and keywords synchronized with your video.
  • With, Chatter and MyCorpTV, collaborate on video presentations whether you are travelling, at home or at work. Sales and marketing teams discuss, share, rate and comment on video presentations from their laptops, smartphones, tablets. MyCorpTV provides your sales teams with the resources they need to close more deals than ever before.

The easiest way to share information on Chatter

With MyCorpTV, employees can easily create and share on Chatter their own interactive video presentations, which enhance audience comprehension, facilitate information retention, and enjoy high rates of user satisfaction.

High quality presentations shared on Chatter

Combining text-based documents with video results in interactive presentations for engaging memorable and easy-to-understand presentations.

Get relevant information on Salesforce everywhere and anytime

Regardless of time and place, you can use interactive videos to inform your team about new sales strategies. Your teams view these videos on Chatter at any time from their computers, phones, or tablets.

Cost reduction

MyCorpTV allows companies to reduce travel and meeting expenses by replacing face-to-face sessions with on-demand presentations. Take advantage of MyCorpTV today to create and share video presentations for as low as 12€ per user per month.